Project Description

This customer brought in his Maserati Ghibli SQ4 in search of more power and better ride quality. We sent his ECU off to our buddies at Fabspeed for a bench tune, which unlocked a ton of potential. As part of any tune service we provide we use our draggy to capture real world performance data for analysis. The tune was able to cut his 0-60mph down by a full second!? Then we turned our attention to the ride quality. The main complaint was vibrations at highway speeds. After giving the car a thorough inspection we came to find that his current wheel spacers measured +/- 0.65mm across the plates, which doesn’t sound like much but on a 22” wheel with thin tires it doesn’t take much. We ordered him some higher quality spacers and got them swapped out. The vibrations diminished considerably but he wanted to get as close to stock ride quality as possible. Our next suggestion was to increase his sidewalk height. We found some better sized tires made of softer compounds. While he was sacrificing a little bit of tire longevity he got to his goal of a factory like ride.