Project Description

After having some service work performed at a local tire chain this customer had some new noises and a few broken wheel studs. He called us up and asked if we could get him in for a Saturday appointment. We gladly made time to bring it in and address the issues. We advised that he should seek reimbursement from the tire chain for technician fault and they should fix their mistakes for free. He said he felt more comfortable with us and would rather seek reimbursement of our bill after it was fixed. The tire chain had bent the dust shield and snapped 2 wheel studs off. Now as most subi enthusiasts know. Those wheel studs are only meant to be tightened to 100Nm so hitting them with any 1/2 impact will result in broken wheel studs. We pressed out the 2 broken studs, replaced them with brand new studs, tightened everything back to spec, and had the customer back on the road safely within an hour.